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Happy Halloween, my friends!

Here are some Halloween songs you have never heard! First up is ""Ghost of John" by Kristen Lawrence. Her heavenly voice soars over a church organ, as she sings about poor John, who has passed on.

Speaking of church music, here is Ghost, a Swedish Goth/Doom/Metal band doing a beautiful hymn similar to what you might here in any mega church on a Sunday morning. HE IS! But who is "he" -- read the lyrics and figure it out!

Ghost won a GRAMMY AWARD this year! More about GHOST, here!

The 69 Eyes is a Goth band that sounds a LOT like Type O Negative. While Type O Negative had a huge hit with Black No 1, their tongue-in-cheek homage to Goth Girls, The 69 Eyes came back with Gothic Girl to cover some of the same territory.

More Halloween Music here! Ghost, Type O Negative, Alice Cooper!



Cool and creepy at same time. The makeup is great and wonder how long it took to do. Almost a younger version of Alice Cooper. Thanks for sharing a spooky Halloween video @Kenny-crane.

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