Blondie! Some of my Favorite Songs!

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Yesterday in my Actifit Daily Fitness Report I included a screenshot from a video by "The Wind in the Willows" - a Folk Rock group from the late 60s. The shot was of one of the band's back up singers. I asked if anyone knew the singer but no one did.

debbie harry blondie


Well her name is Deborah Ann Harry, better known as Blondie! In the 70s she started the band Blondie which was named after her nickname. You can read more about her on her wikipedia page and you can watch this video about her and the band:

My Favorite Blondie Songs!

X Offender

This is from their very first album. it has a bit of a 60s Girl Group sound, but it has a dance-able pop punk attitude. The lyrics tell about an arrested sex offender who falls in love with the officer who arrested her!

Youth Nabbed As Sniper

This one rocks! It's from their second album Plastic Letters. It's a cool pop punk new wave tune. The lyrics are about a teen girl who gets involved with a bad boy.

Contact in Red Square

This is a fast rocker! Also from Plastic Letters. Great song to jump around to! The singer tells of being a secret agent who has to hide inside her trench coat and be clever. She has a kiss with a contact in Red Square before the ICBMs make everyone dead!

One Way Or Another

Another great Rock/New Wave classic! This is from their third album Parallel Lines. It's about a stalker who is following Blondie.

Sunday Girl

Also from Parallel Line, this one is a little less aggressive, but it still rocks and is good to dance to! Doesn't Debbie look great in this video?

Accidents Never Happen

From their fourth album Eat To The Beat, we have this fast punk/new wave guitar based song that you can really bang your head to! It's another love song.

"Like the Magi on the hill, I can divinate your presence from afar. And I'll follow you until I can bring you to a perfect world. Accidents never happen; could have planned it all. Precognition in my ears. Accidents never happen in a perfect world. Complications disappear. Now you love me! I - yeah I can tell! I never lie, I never cry. And you, you knew so well!"

Wow, awesome religious mystic lyrics right there!

The Tide Is High

This is a very very sweet reggae song that is fun to dance to! From Blondie's fifth album Autoamerican.

"Every girl wants you to be her man, but I'll wait my dear 'til its my turn. I'm not the kind o' girl who gives up just like that! oh no-o-o! The tide is high but I'm holdin' on. I'm gonna be your number one!"

Add a Video YOU Like in the Comments if You Want!

It can be a Blondie song or really anything. I always like to hear what music other people like.

Have a great weekend!!! ❤❤👍❤❤


friend thanks for the information, Blondie is an excellent group whose musical genre is new wave and pop rock and whose period of activity begins in 1974 to the present, one of their songs that I like is the one found in the link. regards.

Yep, this is a good Blondie song, and one of their better known tunes. I've been following Andreea Munteanu on YouTube and this is one of the songs she covered earlier this year. I like her version a lot!

I don't think I have heard any of her songs. But, Jacobs Banks is a favourite. You can check out his songs like "Slow up", "Silver lining", etc

Thanks for telling me about Jacob Banks. He has a great voice and is a very good singer! Slow Up is a good song.

All of this songs are very nice but i like this one most "Accidents Never Happen ".

Nice choice 👌👍

Thank you so much for share this nice videos. All videos are really wonderful.

Every vedio is very very nice which you share.i like it very much.thank you for sharing with us.

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