DO YOU RISE (Ian Randall Thornton) : Perfect Feel-Good Indie Song

in music •  9 months ago

wake up.jpg

This track is a very refreshing, feel-good, indie-folk song that you want to listen to after a long week.

You sit by the window, looking at the view outside, watching the sun set or the waves by the beach or the cars down the busy highways with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in one hand. This is the type of music that helps you unwind in a calming way that makes you feel like everything will be fine even after a troublesome day.

Do you rise.jpg

The lyrics itself is very short and sweet, paired up with a deep, raspy voice that sort of just whispers in your ear. Enjoy!

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Thanks for sharing. Beautiful tune!!!!


I know right! I was feeling pretty down but when I heard this, it felt like it was the one thing I needed to chill down.