Steemit Guitar Lessons with @Kafkanarchy84: Foundational Theory for Guitar

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Hey guys!

As promised last time, this lesson is theory intensive. I made it with those in mind who may just be joining the series now, or who maybe felt a little bit left behind during the last lesson on Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode."

Today we will start from the ground up, learning the open string names and how this very basic and simple knowledge can open up the whole fretboard to us.

For those who have been playing guitar for awhile already, this may seem almost stupid simple, but it is this basic knowledge that can lead you to understanding much more complex and serious shredding later on, and even right now!

Finally, we will add the 3rd minor pentatonic (blues scale) position to our repertoire.
It looks like this:

That's all for today! Let me know how it goes.
Stick around for next time when we'll start a new song and learn the 4th minor pentatonic position. After that, only one to go!

Steem on!


Hi kafkanarchy84, cool info for beginners like me in playing guitar is very useful and I quite understand from the help you give, hopefully you give useful knowledge for beginners like me.thank you good job

Great lesson. I did a guitar lesson on steemit a few months back but yours takes the trophy for sure :P Awesome to have more guitarists on Steemit anyway. Love it and following :)

Cool man. Great to hear from other players on here. Followed you as well and looking forward to your posts!

Awesome, was waiting for someone to start doing this!

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