My Top 6 Billy Joel Songs

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Hey there Steemians!
Lately, I've realized that my music taste is widening the older I get. And I've discovered that even though I was already a Billy Joel fan at a young age, I'm growing to like a ton more of his music. Some of his more eccentric and lesser-known music is quite fantastic, and I thought I'd share with you all my top 5 Billy Joel songs. So here it goes:

6. The Downeaster 'Alexa'

Fantastic song about fishing and the life of a seaman.

5. Keeping the Faith

This is a jolly tune depicting Joel's teen life in the 1960's and his passion for the era's music.

4. Captain Jack

Legendary ballad that he said on the Howard Stern Show is about a drug dealer and the life of a junkie through his eyes.

3. Piano Man

No explanation needed for this classic, just sit back and enjoy.

2. Scandinavian Skies

A quite eccentric song that he also stated on the Howard Stern Show is about the one and only time Joel tried heroin.

1. Leningrad

My favorite Billy Joel song (and also possibly my favorite song of all time) about a man named Victor growing up in the era of the Cold War, and the atrocities of a life in Russia at the time.


Great list @justinb43
I myself would've had an Innocent Man somewhere on that list!

Great choice!!

Piano Man is my favorite track

Do you prefer Joel live or recorded?