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"Tourniquet" is the second major-label single by the band Marilyn Manson, from the second studio album Antichrist Superstar. The image this song conveys is that of the main character in a world of sorrow and self-pity, prior to his transformation into the Little Horn. It was written by frontman Marilyn Manson, co-founder Daisy Berkowitz and longtime bassist and guitarist Twiggy Ramirez. Like many other songs from Antichrist Superstar, the songs lyrics are based on a dream Manson had.

In the first few seconds of the song, backmasked vocals can be heard, which are: "This is my lowest point of vulnerability".[citation needed] Like many Marilyn Manson songs from the first three albums, some of the lyrics to this song were previously a poem Manson had written prior to the formation of the band.

The title track was covered by the cello rock band Rasputina on their EP, The Lost & Found.

The song was used as the theme music for professional wrestler Jeff Hardy during his stint with Ring Of Honor. The song is also featured as downloadable content for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock as part of the "February Mega Pack."

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