The Music of Andy Irvine and Paul Brady - Happy St Patrick's Day!

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So these last few weeks I've been immersing myself in Irish music looking for inspiration and new songs to learn.

Ive found quite a few songs and artist I didn't even know existed until a few weeks ago.

Most notably I found this 1976 album by 2 Irish musicians Andy Irvine and Paul Brady.The album is really quite exceptional ,Ive never heard anything quite like it.

0:00 Plains of Kildare (Words: Traditional; Music: Irvine)
4:14 Lough Erne Shore (Traditional; arranged by Brady)
7:58 Fred Finn's Reel / Sailing into Walpole's Marsh (Traditional; arranged by Brady, Irvine, Lunny and Burke)
10:33 Bonny Woodhall (Words: Traditional; Music: Irvine)
15:47 Arthur McBride (Brady, adapted & arranged with new lyrics from traditional)
22:52 The Jolly Soldier (Traditional; arranged with additional lyrics by Brady)
26:44? The Blarney Pilgrim ("The Blarney Pilgrim" (Traditional; arranged by Brady, Irvine and Burke)
28:30 Autumn Gold (Andy Irvine)
32:20 Mary and the Soldier (Traditional; arranged with additional lyrics by Brady)
36:05 The Streets of Derry (Traditional; arranged by Irvine)
40:00 Martinmas Time (Traditional; arranged by Irvine)
44:18? The Little Stack of Wheat ("The Little Stack of Wheat" (Traditional; arranged by Brady, Lunny and Burke)

Last night while browsing around youtube I found this fantastic little documentary that interviews a now much older Andy and Paul.The documentary discusses their musical careers and how the 1976 Album was born.

I also found a hidden gem of a live TV performance from 1976 where they play songs from the album.

The most notable of the live performances from that era for me are these 2,especially Paul's version of Arthur McBride which is an anti enlistment song from the mid 1800s which he has adapted and given a beautiful open Guitar arrangement.This performance is really quite magical...

(Arthur McBride - Paul Brady - 1977)

(Fields of Kildare Andy Irvine,Paul Brady 1977 )

I hope you guys have a great St Patrick's day and hopefully I have brought some beautiful new music to some of you.To end out this post heres Andy and Paul performing Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore.

St Patricks day.jpg

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