Disney Song Challenge! Cover a Disney Song and win some Steem! Plus My Cover of Oo De Lally from Robin Hood

in music •  2 months ago


At Christmas time I tried learning Oo De Lally the song from Disney's Robin hood which is played by the Rooster Character voiced by the late Roger Miller

roger miller.jpg

I figured I would do a little challenge and see if any of you amazing Steemit musicians could also come up with a cover of a song from a Disney movie.

Ill give 10 steem to the best entry and 5 steem for the runner up.

Post a link to your entry in the comments section below , you can use a Dtube link or a Youtube link either one is fine.I will upvote and follow everyone who enters.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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hello , vota no meu também