Tree - Universal (music video)

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That time we decided to try our hand at making a music video...

Kevin and I fell in love with this song after hearing it on an obscure music blog. So Kevin decided to reach out to the artist, Oliver "Tree" Nickel. He responded, liked our videos, and we decided to collaborate. We packed up two cars, rented a wheel chair for tracking shots, and drove to San Francisco to meet up with him and film this video.

But there's more...

As Synchronicity would have it, Tree was a student at San Francisco State University... the same college that Kevin, Tony and I had attended just a few years earlier. Not only that, he was staying in the same on-campus housing that Kevin and I had stayed in AND his room was exactly one floor up from ours. It was a surreal experience.

We had a blast shooting this and I'm excited to share it here on DTube / Steemit.

Also, if you're not familiar with Tree, dude has blown up in the last few years. Deservedly so. Check out his Soundcloud here.


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Olive tree is awesome in video.How can we listen more songs of him @joycamp-benny ?

You can check out his music in the link I provided above. :)

awesome music :) and beautiful voice but you need some improvement, keep it up

Nonconstructive criticism. We filmed this 6 years ago. We are not trying to be music video producers. Check out our YT channel to see our other work. The quality of our content speaks for itself.