The Beauty Of Making A Guitar Cry

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If you enjoy the blues, you'll truly enjoy this video.

I don't know much about the blues but what I have learned is that I am a huge fan of this genre. I have recently gotten into the blues and I was introduced to it by a friend of mine who enjoys playing the acoustic guitar.

This video is quite long but then again, it's a video of pure delight and awe.

I am ashamed to admit that before this video I only knew the name B.B. King and not the talent he shared with the world as well as Eric Clapton. There isn't one artist in this clip whom I didn't enjoy listening to.

What makes a guitarists so mesmerizing to me is the way they get lost in their music; being in some kind of transe when they're making such magic, making their guitar bleed with passion and love.

It is just amazing.

I hope you all enjoy this clip.


Will try and listen t the clip later. Seem very nteresti g for people to post it here.

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I am coming to listen