Don't Worry Be Happy

in #music3 years ago

The title pretty much says what we should all practice every day.

I'm sure you have all heard of this legend in one or another. His music has touched many across the world and his words were full of wisdom.

He was a legend, an icon who spread love and the word of unity across the globe. His music still lives on and the message seem so much more in depth than they did when he was alive.

I have always loved this song and I remember the first time I heard it was from another singer by the name of Bobby McFerrin. At that time I couldn't keep all the lyrics in my head but I was able to whistle along and sing the chorus, trying to dance and let the words marinate my soul.

We can not deny that there is a lot of sadness and pain in the world. It seemed like the perfect song for today and I hope you all let it sink and enjoy it.

You can only worry so much before you drive yourself mad, but pursuing happiness will only cleanse the soul.


I was never a big fan of his as far as his music went, but I did think the man was truly an inspiration. He tried to share a message of peace and love, and for that I was a fan.