JonnyRevolution presents Featured Artists: 007 || POMO & SWEATSON KLANK

in #music2 years ago (edited)


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This man gets around and does his part in this vibey world. I'll admit that I was first exposed to his talent when listening to a collaboration. That is what makes these moments so we can feel moments that have been planned and then might evolve the landscape of our desires.

POMO will amaze you at how far back his tracks go...might make you feel old for not getting on this vibe earlier. Definitely one of if not the best at creating bass parts with keys while still involving melody.


So if the world had ever been "sleepin'" on a producer this would be the fella. He delivers it straight forward for the most part, while the other layers that he manifests into your experience are elevated. I think you'll instantly realize he's offering some of the best beats...and some would be satisfied with that. The next level are the panned FX and sweeps that appear at the moment you would expect with a feeling that you didn't.

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