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So I have never been great at musical instruments.. But Music has all ways soothed my soul for sure. So when my daughter showed an interest I made certain she would have what ever tools needed. Now I have a house full of guitars plus lots more. I think it’s the best decision I ever made. Life long soul soothing stuff. Get your kids into the arts if you can. It’s something they will take with them through out there entire lives. Some pics of just a few of the instruments hanging around my house.




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Thanks for sharing your instruments. Very neat. I look forward to more posts.

Thanks for the reply

you have a complete musical instrument,
Can you play all these instruments ? @jkenny

I wish. But my daughter plays them beautifully

Music is life ,thanks for sharing this

dammm time to play some music bars right now that looks great :) thanks for sharing cool it looks

Music makes a house happy and poetic!

@jkenny. Though just simply, people who love music are people who have art. it's been proven.