Steemit Music Community UNITE: The Steemit Local Music Society Launches NOW on Discord! (Includes Invite Code)

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Are you a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, lyricist, music photographer, music podcaster, music blogger, music reviewer, or otherwise associated with the Steemit music community?


Join The Steemit Local Music Society on Discord and promote your original musical-related content in some of our many specific rooms designed to cater to the diversity of our already-present and always-burgeoning music community here on Steemit.

The Steemit Local Music Society's main goal is to unite the entire Steemit music community together under one roof on Discord.


This invite will direct you to our Introduce Yourself to the Musical Community channel, in which you can either share a Steemit post about you and your musical background, or you can simply post a bit about who you are and what you do. We do encourage introducing yourself into the community, as it can build your networking potential within the network, as well. This is all about making connections and gaining access to ALL Steemit music-related content.

If you make music, write about music, podcast or vlog about music, we want to help you promote your content. There are rooms in the channel for just about everything related to music, with plans to expand as diversity in music expands on the platform with the influx of all the new users.

We have post-promotion channels on the server for the following musical areas. Most of these channels are self-explanatory.


  • Steemit OpenMic Post Promotion
  • New Releases of Original Music
  • Acoustic Music
  • Bands (all genres of Steemit-original bands)
  • Electronic Music
  • Hip Hop & Rap
    @rondonson has a lot planned for this community, including freestyle rap battles in a dedicated voice channel.
  • Instrumental Music
  • Vocalists
  • Steemit-Exclusive music videos
  • Cover Tunes (Steemit-performed/released cover tunes)
  • Music Photography
  • Music Shares - Original Music (share the Steemit music posts of OTHER users...not your own stuff)
  • Music-Based Podcasts
  • Music-Related Articles (including music news, contests, reviews, and other music-related Steemit articles)


Raw shares of Non-Steemit music links (even if they were posted to steemit) with no article attached, review, reflection, or otherwise, will not be tolerated in this server. Your posts will be removed, and you will be banned from the group.


Please read the pinned posts in each room, and make sure you keep your posts on topic. Some rooms are for discussion, but most are for sharing your work.

Steemit Local Music Society Admin Team:

Steemit Local Music Society Mod Team:

(We are still looking for more moderators, so if you are interested in helping mod a room, please let me know.)


Steemit Music Makers: Let us UNITE!

Follow me @jessamynorchard for more assorted randomness!

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Joining now! I am into Heavy metal :)

this is so amazing and about to connect so many artists. i can hear all kinds of music coming from this!

im going to create a post to attract attention too.

I'm a guitarist, wanna be songwriter and am currently working on original material for which I will need some sort of place to launch, promote etc. I really am a total novice at this and will need all the help I can get. Your site sounds like an absolute godsend. Thank you so much.

Glad I found this! Joining now 🤘🏼

Good job! anytime we can bring people together the better.
@rondonson great guy! so all the people on that list!

I'll join and see what it is like.
I love music so I should fit in.
Is there going to be some karaoke nights? haha


Steemit Karaoke Night sounds like something we might have to persue sooner than later!

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Interesting - I'll definitely take a look. As an old music biz guy in various functions throughout the years, I'm always open to see what a new music group may bring.
Especially as I already have posted reviews on steemit - but not really got the feedback, I was wishing for

I did sign up - you can find me under my full name on discord - A. Michael Uhlmann - I did post some articles as well.


We have a specific music-articles room that would be PERFECT to promote your reviews. Please bring us that content!! If we have more music reviewers come in, an additional channel will be added.

Ayy this is awesome. Smart freakin idea. excited to join. I help a lot all type of artists with branding, booking, and the basics. Let's make these dreams come true


Yes! Precisely what we are looking forward to doing through these channels!! Glad to have you on board! Feel free to promote the channel and add friends!


thank you and absolutely cant wait to watch this community grow and flourish

Followed , Here I come. i only play the guitar can't sing much. haha


We even have a room for instrumentals!! Something for everyone...even if you don't/can't/won't sing. :). Start posting your Steemit content in any applicable room...just make sure to check out pinned posts before posting. Most rooms are for promotion, some are for networking and discussion. I hope you find it helpful and a nice community for you. :)


Ok thanks for the info will check it out. Cheers!!!!!

Looking cool

AT LAST! Thank you for this, I'll be heading to the discord channel ASAP. Now following

heck yea

Up-voted, re-steemed and followed.
@Volcalists-Trail supports vocalists on Steemit
Follow back for updates over the coming weeks about opportunities to engage with other vocalists in competitions and events to win rewards! :D

This is a wonderful idea. I shall join.


Super excited to have you in our midst, @allgoodthings!

Well done for putting this together! Upvoted, resteemed and following. Cheers.


It's been a true community effort! Thank you!! Excited for what we all can do together!

Super cool, hope 2 discover great music.. Jerry

This is awesome! I'm a pianist playing rock, pop, country, film and classical :).


Follow that Discord link and get involved with us! If you are still on Facebook, we also have a group called Steemit Musicians (there are two of those groups on FB...we are the one with 170-some odd members), and you should submit for joining there, too, if you have posted any of your music yet to Steemit. Happy to have you in our community! I think you will find many supportive, passionate people here to encourage you in all your endeavors.

Hi @jessamynorchard I'm interested in joining the music discord channel but the link has expired... Is there still space??

I'd love to become a part of this Discord community, however, after following the join link I got an "INVALID INVITE" error message. Are you still accepting members?