My First Ever Music Video. Manic Street Preachers. Instrumental.

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Greetings all

Allow me to present to you my first ever music video.

Shot and recorded and edited entirely by myself. Tadaa.

It may not seem a big deal these days.. cripes, even kids are making movies in school.
But for me, I lost contact with technology after I bought my first 4 track recorder probably back in 1999.

I remember it well because I couldn't use half of the functions it had.
It was from the Fostex range and it had a big green ping pong button on it which I could never figure out.
After several months of frustration, and learning that the machine didn't actually play ping pong, my love for electronics slowly declined from there.

I have dabbled with bits and bobs since then but the next meltdown I had was when my pops had a dial-up internet connection. Remember that?? Blaaddy hell !! That put me off computers for good.

I thought long and hard and decided to buy my first laptop in mid-2017 as I have so much music and musical education to share. I decided to take the plunge and share my gifts with the world :)

It has been pretty stressful just learning how to use a computer, let alone record music and edit video on it, but I am getting used to it now and things can only get better.

Here is a take on the Manic Street Preacher's tune A Design For Life.
An old favorite tune of mine from back in the day.

Equipment used.
Acer spin 1
Faith Venus guitar
Pod hd500
Studio 1 v3
Presonus mic
Nikon S7000

Hope you like it
Greetings to my new followers :)

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very impressive and stylish presentation


Thanks Dion. It wasn't easy. The heat here is immense!
I may do some videos for my recent Dsound uplaods.
Put a picture to the music :)

Cool bruh !


Cheers Privat :)
You know the song? Classic British beef brother ;)

  ·  last year (edited)

You need to be more specific when speaking to me Jeff, I went to check the song "Classic British Beef Brother" , and This is what i found


Brilliant Ed! Yorkshire puddings are looking lovely :)

Sorry man, I forget my British ways. I meant the song is from a Brit band called The Manic Street Preachers. Classic British Beef is a term for an old classic british anthem :)
I will speak more propper now man :)

Just watching this via

Such a beautifully subtle touch on the strings. Awesome!


Thanks Juxy. Glad you liked it.
Not many people know it only us brits.
Shame :)

Nice one Jeff :-)

Sounds and looks amazing. Keep rocking, Jeff! :)


Thank You Kam. You too man. Practice every day :)

nice !!
best play guitar, i like as you @jeffandhisguitar

nice work done. you have a great talent


Cheers camillius. We all have deep down somewhere.
Peace man.

Nice video @jeffandhisguitar! I always love your stuff, but it’s nice to see what’s going on with my own two eyes :)

Lovely interpretation of a great song. Nice work Jeff!


Ahh cheers Grizzle. Its funny man, that song has stuck with me for years, now that I have expressed it I dont hum it anymore,, it has kinda left my soul. It's a good thing mind..
Thanks for listening and appreciate the comment man :)

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brilliant, love this tune :)


Aesome tune bro :)