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Hi Jdarryl,

There are 2 ways to earn Steem Tokens:

  1. Author Rewards;
    By publishing a blog, you earn Steem (money) when people upvote your content.

  2. Curation Rewards;
    When you upvote and comment on other users' blogs,
    you earn Steem as a curator.

Hope that helps you!


Write anything about what you love and watch it grow ;)


thanks...I will start doing more here...just very busy helping some friends build an intentional community...thinking about block chain as a way to create something of value when volunteers come to creating a token that could be given and have some value for the future...


Pretty much any question you have you can just type it into search. I bet your bottom steem dollar someone has already written a post on it.



thanks for the support...


thanks...just getting slowly invovled...don't unerstand how to post a pic for my says profile pic URL...? don't have...