Steemit Local Music Society on Discord is UP AND RUNNING and WE want YOUR Music Photography!!!!

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Steemit Local Music Society is now LIVE ON DISCORD!!!!!  Here's your INVITE! 

I'm personally moderating the Music Photography Room SO LETS SEE WHAT YOU'VE GOT!!!


Everyone is welcome!!  There is a little something for everyone here!! 

This is a great community for musicians of every genre to come together and support each-other!!  Come see what it's all about!!!

Here are your admins and moderators for the group!


@jessamynorchard (acoustic)
@giftedgaia (EDM)
@winstonwolfe (general)
@rockchickjen (cover tunes)
@rondonson (hiphop/rap)
@rdollarsign (music production)
@jasonrussell (music photography)
@mattie.b-leaver (music production)
@donniecockrum (music podcasts)
@luzcypher (open mic)

Thanks to @harrisonmir for putting this list together!  


In the meantime here is a collection of music photography by myself and @melodyrussell

-St. Dallas and the sinners

- Chango -The Rocketz

-Koffin Kats


-Chrystal Johnson

-Evil Bumblebees 


-The Queers

-Cold Blue Rebels

-The Boogeymen 

-The Rocketz

-The Creepshow (W/ Sarah Blackwood)

-Brutally Frank

-The Itch


-The Problematics (@melodyrussell)

-Thee Fine Lines

-  False Trinity    - @rockchickjen @johnbutler

-Sideways Geoffrey  @melodyrussell @johnbutler

And last but not least @jessamynorchard!!!

Disclamer: Our Camera's and lenses have improved SOOO much over the years so don't judge too hard on image quality!! I try to capture emotion and sometimes pictures are not great but still conveys a message!


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Awesome post @jasonrussell - crazy pictures in there. And my pleasure!


Thanks @harrisonmir! I'll be sharing more soon i'm sure ;)

Great one - if anyone planning to Listen and Dance feel free to head over to a bit #DanceWeekend now following the tag


Nice!! thanks!

Keep on working. do not ever stop


Nice! Music and photography! Wicked! Followed!


Thank you!!!! Back at ya!

Up-voted, re-steemed and followed.
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