New thunderbolt interface for recording!!! But it didn't come with a thunderbolt cable!!! UUUGGHHHHHH!!!

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What is with these companies? You buy an expensive piece of gear and you get it home and it doesn't even come with all the accessories you need to use it. I feel like a kid on Christmas that didn't get batteries with the new electronic toy and there are no stores open.

Apple products are not cheap, so for a company to throw a thunderbolt cable in, even though I spent $500 is just not gonna happen in this day and age.

I have another interface, but the anticipation to hear no latency on my recordings is chipping away at my patience. Anyone out there have any experience with Mac/ Logic using thunderbolt in comparison to USB 2.0?

Let me know your thoughts or experience.

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I am sorry, that feeling is frustrating

They are so greedy, hate when you have to buy everything separately...