MIND CONTROL in 80's Music Video #1 Wang Chung - Everybody Have Fun Tonight

in music •  10 months ago

This is my first video on "Mind Control in 80's Music Video's" (#1 Wang Chung) and I really wish I knew back then what I know now about music video's and the bands which comprise of this type of "Mind Control" and predictive programming and subliminal messages which we were ALL subjected to since the days we were born.
One has to ask them self when watching these mind control music video's and that Is why we all were subjected to this since the day of our birth?
Gematria as you'll see spoken about in this video is through the words we speak are also interconnected numbers which date back to the Ancient mystery schools and organizations since Babylon and the control of "secret societies" which run right through to today with the Bilderbergers, Club of Rome, Society of the Golden Fleece and the former American President G.W. Bush's "Skull & Bones" which I might add is only one of thirty three "secret societies" on the Yale campus alone.
The musician's like these two in Wang Chung who I'll leave nameless as they are nothing more than shitbags in my opinion and are nothing more than puppets for the "Gang" who rule over all of us in our so-called "Democracies" what a fu*king joke that is as we all all seeing becoming more and more apparent on a daily basis with this current "Kakistocracy" ruling over ALL Americans.
If you'd like to find out WTF I'm talking about or do already know what I'm talking about can find out MUCH more with the NUMBER 1, NUMERO UNO on Gemetria and that is Zachary K. Hubbard on his Youtube Channel here's the link.
I hope to do more on these if there are viewers who like to watch them and learn but have a good look at some of Zach's video's as he know WAY more about this than me, he really is a master at Gematria unlike me, a mere novice for now.
Did you know that the Nazi's and the Scientist within that organization invented for "Mind Control" purposes the television we know today, only difference was their tube was green giving the screen a green hue, don't believe me go research this yourself to become informed and not ignorant like our "rulers" want.
Peace, thanks to all who watch and don't upvote or resteem as you are morons who wouldn't know your arse from your elbow and are SO narcissistic you can't even do what this DTube and Steemit were designed for, and that's a community of people who upvote and resteem because what goes around is :Suppose" to come around but never comes my way, hear what I'm say'in.

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