DTUBE should Destroy MTV or Youtube with DTV!

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DTUBE now has the perfect platform to smash YT or any other competitors who censor music video's due to Corporations which own not only the musical Artist but also ALL that the Musician has ever written under the contract they sign along with the contract being consistent and applicable for ANY Universe, I kid you not.
As a "Tuber" now for the last six years and nearing twenty nine million viewers, there have been MANY more views but do to the manipulation of view numbers by Google and YT.
Companies like socialblade.com allow people to view channel and their view numbers, I have watched as four out of twelve days are consistently NOT even there and NO view numbers counted!
That's right, YT or Google remove a full one third of ALL views and my account on YT has NEVER even been monetized as I don't own the copyright for most of the video's.
So what does this tell me? Well for one I'm getting off YT and moving to DTUBE/Steemit along with ALL the video's from music video's to movies and David Letterman etc. which have been censored by YT or the Corporate masters who really call the shots as they can't do squat to me here and now.
Will the support be here on Steemit and DTUBE? who knows only time will tell but if DTUBE doesn't broaden their video's from what is currently on Steemit & DTUBE it will be beyond difficult in my opinion.
Thanks for reading and if you have time please have a look at what I currently have there and patronage for everyone here should be compulsory as everyone currently here started from zero and they didn't get there without the help of others and if you did well done, you must be a genius.
My blog "96 hrs. to L.A. and Back" now has 6 chapters so please check it out as it was THE most wild time of my life!
www.jamesdeweaver.com.au @JamesDeWeaver @Steemit #Steem #LinearReality

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Fantastic. I personally miss the old MTV with ya know music, hahaha. Before shows about young adults living together and pregnant teens. I dig the idea of a DTV though. Hallz Yas.


;) Those days of the "good" MTV are long missed by myself I remember Aug 1 '82 even and where I was at the time of watching still! Thanks for your thoughts as I too agree DTV HAS to be available, #Steemians need to get behind it though! Ciao!