My new front of house speaker system. (Project)

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I needed more volume, clearer sound and TRUE stereo from my main speakers for my sound system. Also the way I was running it before wasn't the best idea.

I have 2 15" subs for the low end but my mids and highs were just a set of 12" mains that wasn't enough. I found a pair of horns that I could use but the drivers were blown and nobody made parts for them so new drivers were on order.
After a bit of research I figured out how I was going to wire them up. You can't give high frequency horns bass or they can blow. I needed to get the bass out of the signal to them so I set on making a passive crossover.
I started by taking the old parts of the existing board. 20170816_111421.jpg
Then I needed to fit the new parts.
Here is my rough drawing of the how I am going to wire it up. 20170816_114401.jpg
And then mock up of how I am placing them
All soldered up and ready for installation
Here are the new drivers.
Everything bolted up nicely
All setup and sounding loud af. I took the covers off of the woofers just for fun.20170816_145945.jpg
This years Poineer days are going to be fun!

Hope you guys enjoyed.


I love your post, thanks for sharing! I gave you a vote. I hope you enjoy it.