BEATBOX VLOG #5 🎤 | Make It Drop by @jackobeat 😎

in music •  9 months ago


Hello everyone !!! Check my fifth Beatbox Vlog entitled MAKE IT DROP . I developed this sound using my mouth and split some simple music 🎶

In this Beatbox Flow I put the main sound which is the High Pitch Throat Bass together with the detailed beats to sum up into one music.

Im so really enjoying to post a BEATBOX VLOG because I was inspire to everyone to share the love of what you love , so i share my love of beatbox in this platform :) I would like to thank @dtube so much , Big up to him/her :)

Hope you like my Beatbox Flow ! Have a great day ahead :)

Best Regards

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Wow! Truly remarkable! Piano chords are sweet!


Thank you so much :)

Great work mate, I enjoyed this


Thank you mate :)