A strange purchase I made for 50 cents: A Falco record!

in #music2 months ago

This was a really stupid purchase on my part because I didn't even own a record player at the time nor did I have any particular affinity for the artist. I bought it because it was such a strange thing to see in a pawn shop and the fact that they were selling it for 50 cents made me think that this was stolen from someone else, which is always a possibility at a pawn shop.


This is not my record. When I bought it at the pawn shop it never occurred to me to take a photo of it and phones didn't have very good cameras on them at the time. I bought it because I had heard what was the only song that I knew by Falco and probably the only song that most people know by Falco. I am not old enough to have been alive when this song was popular but if you look at this video you can tell, without knowing anything else about Falco, that it is from a rather long time ago.

I never bothered to look it up but it turns out that Falco is Austrian and his real name is Johann Hölzel.

The only reason why I even thought about this song today and why I remembered buying that record is because "Rock me Amadeus" was featured in an episode of Stranger Things recently. I don't really like the show but because I was a fan of 80's music - in the 90's - it brings back memories of me trying to be a cool guy by preferring older music to the music of my current times. To be fair other than grunge I think that most 90's music was just awful and completely lacking in creativity. It was a time of R&B dominating the airwaves and I've never really been much of a fan of that.

I have no idea what happened to that record. I would imagine that since I never did acquire a record player in the days of CD's, I probably had too many beers and decided to see how far me and some friends could throw it down the street. We did that with a lot of things that we didn't care about and I have brief memories of records flying. They don't fly like a frisbee unfortunately... they almost immediately turn on their side and crash into the ground.

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