Steemit Musicians with Krystle, Isaria, and Shane! // Msp-Waves Radio // 30 SBD Prize!

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Steemit Musicians with Krystle, Isaria, and Shane! // Msp-Waves Radio // 30 SBD Prize!

Join us on MSP-Waves Radio this Sunday night as we play the Top 5 Judge's pics from the weekly Steemit Open Mic Contest.

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to promote our extremely talented Steemian musicians every week along with @krystle and @swelker101.
The MSP-Waves audience is constantly amazed by how many talented musicians there are here on Steemit and they love hearing the entries!

We have also increased our prize to 30 SBD which will be split between 3 Open Mic winners who will be chosen by our live audience!

Last week’s winner was @thesimpson!!!

Episode 8 Show Recording

Here are the Open Mic Performances that we played during Episode 8

ORIGINAL SONG "Only Ever You" by @kayclarity

Original Song - "Ten Dollars At a Time" by

Eat You Alive Original by

The tragedy of man (original) by

A Lost Paradigm... by @andrewmarkmusic

When She Loved Me - Cover by @olaivart

"Pieces"(original song) by @jamaris

"Who Will Save Your Soul" (cover) by

Sin Bandera (Cover) by @djdyvad

Thanks to the Steemit Open Mic organizers @luzcypher and @pfunk and the judges @krystle, @soundlegion, @jessamynorchard, @passion-ground, and @verbal-d for helping musicians every week!

Also, thanks to @swelker101 for helping us with the show!

Please join us for Episode 9 of Steemit Musicians this Sunday night 6-7pm CST/ 12-1 UTC!

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You can listen on twitch-

You can join broadcast hosts in a special chat room on the MSP Discord Channel:
You can check out for more information

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Massive thanks to everyone who voted for me and the judges who put me in their lists. I missed out on open mic this week but I'll be back next week with either an original or maybe some Neil Young... What do ya say? original or Neil?


I'm a fan of originals.


Cool, in that case I have a song I recently written. It will be posted by Tuesday! Watch this space....


Are you on Discord? You can send it to me in DM.

Great work you guys and love the support you give to the Open Mic community. I wish I could upvote you 200%


Thank you so much for your support, we truly appreciate it!

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Aww thank you for choosing my cover along with these great musicians! :) And good job guys! My heart was beating so loudly reading your comments and actually hearing your very humbling comments! Thanks a lot!


You're welcome! Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us!

Nice one👌

Nice post

Nice one .. Pls I would really appricaite it if you up vote my posts.. Your wall is one I look forward to [email protected] Thanks a lot ..

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its, funny the songs, especially A Lost Paradigm

  ·  last year (edited)

Lovely show, glad some of you we're back ;)