Sounds of Steem Vol. 4 Live Music Concert // Msp-Waves Radio Show Recording!

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Sounds of Steem Vol. 4 Live Music Concert // Msp-Waves Radio Show Recording!

This past Saturday, @aggroed, @krystle, @swelker101, and I hosted our 4th Sounds of Steem Live Music Concert on Msp-waves radio and it was amazing as always!

Sounds of Steem Vol. 4 Performers!


I've been trying to get @krystle to perform for months and she finally did it!!!
She made her debut comeback and it was absolutely beautiful!

We also had the lovely @lillywilton join us, who is a relatively new Steemian.

@nathankaye, @melavie, and @joseacabrerav are always stunning and amazing.

I performed as well, which is always a traumatic experience. lol

And @zipporah and @thebugiq entertained us with fantastic encore performances to close out the show!

Sounds of Steem Vol. 4 Show Audio

Sounds of Steem and SBD!

With huge help from @krystle and @ausbitbank, as well as help from me and @swelker101, all of our Sounds of Steem performers receive SBD!!!

We will be gathering SBD to send to our 4th Sounds of Steem performers during the next few weeks!

Huge thanks to all of our performers from Sounds of Steem!

@kayclarity, @melavie, @zipporah, @chaifm, @yidneth, @darrenclaxton, @hardikv, @joseacabrerav, @caracortada, @danshawmusic, @edenmichelle, @danieldyemusic, @trevorpetrie, @luisferchav, @pechichemena, @nathankaye, @benleemusic, @soundlegion, @meno, @verbal-d, @rockchickjen, @elliotjgardner, @addiesworld, @trevorpetrie, @basilmarples, @marysemciver, @thebugiq, @basilmarples,
@caracortada, @vera.carla, @lillywilton, and @krystle!

Don't miss Sounds of Steem Vol. 5!

Sounds of Steem happens on the second Saturday of each month at 11:00 AM EST/ 3:00 PM UTC

Please join us for Sounds of Steem Vol. 5 on Saturday, June 9th at 11:00 AM EST!

Thanks to all the amazing performers for putting on such a great show!
Also thanks to @krystle for helping me organize it, @aggroed for hosting, and @ausbitbank and @swelker101 for financial support.

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Fantabulous tunage everyone :)

Finally @krystle!!! ♥ SO glad you did it!!!!

Great contest...! I like music so much.. wish you the best..! greetings from venezuela @isaria ..!


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amigo, debo felicitar por todas sus publicaciones ya que usted por lo que veo hace muy buenos trabajos hablo spanish,gracias por su ayuda se lo agradezco y le invito a visitarme ,bendiciones para usted

Hola excelente oportunidad para los amantes de este genero artístico,saludos y mucha suerte

suuuper great! I was so happy to perform there, i feel suuuper happy with all the vibes, i have one word to say: orange


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