My Arrangement and Cover of Purple Rain // My Tribute To Prince

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Prince purple.jpg

Prince Rogers Nelson

Jun 07, 1958 - Apr 21, 2016


Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of Prince's passing.

The day that Prince passed away, I felt a moment of sadness but continued on with my day.
That night, I felt a wave of grief and started crying. The darkness of grieving lasted for a month or so.
It was a strange and confusing feeling to grieve over someone that I actually never knew.

After some contemplation, I thought about how powerfully some people impact our lives, even if we don't actually know them.
Prince was a huge influence on me musically during my youth.
His passing perhaps symbolized the passing of my own youth and the existential realization of the inevitability of death.

The night that he died, I sat down at the piano with the intention of creating an arrangement​ as a tribute and as thanks for how much he meant to me.
This arrangement of Purple Rain took a few weeks to create and it was the catharsis which helped me through the grieving process.


My Arrangement and Cover of Purple Rain // My Tribute To Prince

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Many good performers massacre this song, but you nailed it and made it your own, Prince would have loved it. Thanks for another awesome tune.
I get what you're saying in your post comment. I think he was a master of infusing his music with a deep part of his self and did it in a way that people could connect to.
Fitting cover.


Thank you so much, I hope he would have loved it. He was a great musical genius.

Beautiful arrangement and performance! It feels like you change it to more of a minor feel?


Thank you :)
I didn't change it to minor, but I usually add a lot of 9's , Major 7's, and sus2's when I play.


Gives it a really nice feel!


Thank you!

Excelente post... Me gusta prince considero que fue un músico completo, alguien con una creatividad al máximo de los sentidos... Purple Rain movie 1984

You must be a creative thinker @isaria. You have been consistent in your music posts with a greater percentage of originals from you. I try to understand your lyrics because they seem poetic. You have a gift.

Very lovely interpretation.

wao is great music.

wow!! fanfastic music. heart touching song.thanks....@isaria... visit my profile,upvote my post, support me,please

Your performance inspires me. I wish you success. Love and good luck for you

Wow, that is really poignantly lovely.