Steemit Musicians with Krystle, Shane, and Isaria! // Msp-Waves Radio // 30 SBD Prize!

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Steemit Musicians with Krystle, Shane, and Isaria! // Msp-Waves Radio // 30 SBD Prize!

Join me, @krystle, and @swelker101 on MSP-Waves Radio this Sunday night as we play the Top 5 Judge's pics from the weekly Steemit Open Mic Contest.

@luzcypher and @pfunk started the weekly Open Mic Contest 86 weeks ago. It's the largest and longest running contest on Steemit!

The level of talent from our Steemit musicians is often mind blowing.
@luzcypher and his team of judges work so hard every week to sort through hundreds of submissions.
I know they have a hard time picking the winners because there are so many talented musicians on Steemit now!

The Open Mic judges are @krystle, @verbal-d, @meno, @passion-ground, and @soundlegion.
Each Open Mic judge makes a post with their Top 5 selections and we play them during the show!

Our 30 SBD Prize is split between 3 Open Mic winners who are chosen by our live audience!

Steemit Musicians Top 3 Winners!!!

First Place

Steemit OpenMic Week 85 @paintingangels -Original Song - Jumping Broken Fences (Origin of my username) by @paintingangels

Second Place

Steemit OpenMic Week 85 - "Goodnight, My Love, Goodnight" (original) by @lillywilton

Third Place

STEEMIT OPENMIC WEEK 85- Original Vocalise on "Blue Daniel" by @shookriya

Here are the other great Top 5 Open Mic Performances that we played during Episode 30

Steemit Open Mic Week 85. - TANTO EN TI. by @dianakyv

Steemit openmic week 85 - Cover " Blessed we are" by Peia
by @ingridkornelia

Steemit Open Mic Week #85 Dusty Springfield (Cover) Spooky.
by @normamanly

Steemit Open Mic Week 85 - Black Or White (Michael Jackson) - Felix Farfan (Venezuelan Cuatro Cover)
by @felixjfarfan

STEEMIT OPENMIC WEEK 85 - Original Song "Tell me I'm wrong" featuring @griptight
by @builtinfire

STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 85 | Fixed At Zero - Versaemerge (cover)
by @gabrielamenesesg

Thanks to the Steemit Open Mic organizers @luzcypher and @pfunk and the judges @krystle, @soundlegion, @meno, @passion-ground, and @verbal-d for helping musicians every week!

Also, thanks to @ausbitbank, @krystle, and @swelker101 for their weekly SBD prize donations!

Please join us for Episode 31 of Steemit Musicians this Sunday night 7-8 PM CST/ 1-2 UTC!

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You can join broadcast hosts in a special chat room on the MSP Discord Channel:
You can check out for more information

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@isaria this is a good platform for all steemains to play music with Steemit Musicians with Krystle, Shane, and Isaria! // Msp-Waves Radio // to earn SBD Prize.

Looks like a great lineup. Hopefully I wont miss it again this week.

Hi @isaria, @minnowsupport, I just have 1 question to ask, hmm I just check my wallet and found out I just received 5sbd for the winner instead of 10. Is that correct? I'm new here and it's what I read on the contest post, sorry I just wanna know, thanks.

hi @isaria, i won last week on @minnowsupport but you sent 5 sbd to me instead of 10, and i see you've sent to @justinayomide who made a comment above, please check it out and rectify the situation.

Hey my lady @isaria ,please you sent 5 sbd to me instead of 10 sbd please help me check asap its coz am not on the discord channel....please help check asap

Please am sorry I had to come here and complain but I also won the minnowsupport resteem contest, and I was sent 5 sbd instead of 10 sbd because I made use of

hi @isaria and @minnowsupport, I'm having the same issue as the comments above, sorry for commenting something not related to your post, but I'm supposed to get 10 sbd from you. please check and correct the issue. Thanks in advance.

@isaria. am sorry I didn't notice other user had complained too. Pls check mine too.i was sent 5 instead of 10 sbd