CAN - Animal Waves from 1977's Saw Delight by Virgin Records

in music •  last year

Hello again my dear friends and happy Sunday!

I want to share this track with you today.

If you're not familiar with CAN just go to my blog and scroll down till you find the KRAUTROCK documentary and watch the hell out of it haha!

Here's a picture of me and the vinyl for all you skeptics :


The sole purpose of me posting this is to educate and encourage the user to buy the record.

I now own these records and I discovered them digging online blogs.


Peace, love and respect.

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'sup bro, whats good? happy to see you posting again!


All good bro. Lots of changes but all for the best!

Glad you are back!

Can is such a great band. Czukay just past this autumn, but their music will live on!


Oh shit did not know that. Too bad, awesome artist!