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Benjamin Tod | "The Paper & The Ink" |

I found this guy many years ago now. He does a great job at painting a picture and telling a story with words. A lot of his songs tend to be tear jerkers or encapsulate addiction, and just the struggles life can throw at you. I hope you enjoy this hidden gem of a musician.

I share a song with you and you share a song with me. Music is a big part of my life as I'm sure it is in yours. So you share a song that you think is really good or your current favorite that you listen to the most. Lets make this post a cool one where people can come to find good new music.

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You can't beat Benjamin Todd he's one of the best in this style of music. But sadly some of these artist's are way more talented than these over produced, auto tuned country music stars today. And deserve more recognition and air play than they get. But I guess that's what keeps them so grounded.

Yeah, when you're not bought and paid for you can actually focus on making good music.

Here's one of his I like to.

Man, he has so many good ones. Its cool to see that he finally got him some property and has a solid place to call home.

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