{Music Swap} I want to hear what you listen to!

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Palace - Live Well

I discovered these guys within the last couple of months. I love their chill vibe, and their lyrics are probably what I like about them the most. Not in just this song but in many others they have. Check them out.

I share a song with you and you share a song with me. Music is a big part of my life as I'm sure it is in yours. So you share a song that you think is really good or your current favorite that you listen to the most. Lets make this post a cool one where people can come to find good new music.

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I listened to your song, pretty cool!

I'll share one slightly similar. It's chill. Maybe a little too chill. Sometimes I listen to it at 1.5X

It's mainly a Goth or dreampop tinged guitar song with some synth as well. The singer is female.

That's definitely up my alley! Thanks for dropping it.

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