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Zombies - Time Of The Season

Taking it way back to the 60's on this one. Who's heard of the "Zombies"? I grew up hearing my dad say playingly "Whats your name? Who's your daddy? Is he rich like me?" Hahaha I never actually figured out where he got it from until I got older.

You ever heard these guys @kenny-crane?

I share a song with you and you share a song with me. Music is a big part of my life as I'm sure it is in yours. So you share a song that you think is really good or your current favorite that you listen to the most. Lets make this post a cool one where people can come to find good new music.

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The Zombies were huge and they wanted your brains throughout the 60s and beyond! :D

In their early days they had a song no one knows about these days, but the crowd screamed for it back then! Beatlemania was exploding and the Zombies copied their look and in this song their musical styling too.

That was '64 and the song made its way to the USA in '66 where it got a garage punk and fuzz guitar treatment. Snotty vocals and 30 seconds of guitar solo that sounds like a swarm of mosquitos!

Meanwhile, after a great final album the Zombies gave up the ghost but Rod Argent formed Argent and had a big early 70s rock classic hit with Hold Your Head Up. He still had his keyboard skills!

Man, you have an impressive knowledge base when it comes to music. Lol

You just taught me some shit about them I didn't know.

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