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IMU Tokens will be listed on most exchanges after the Token sales.

imusify is challenging the music industry by providing innovative solutions for musicians, labels, and listeners. As never seen before, imusify provides a decentralized music marketplace offering top services for artists and everyone in the recording business. The award-winning blockchain-based project has plans to disrupt the music business and beyond with a solid cryptocurrency, IMU, which will serve various functions within the ecosystem while being used as a means of payment such as Bitcoin or the euro. So what’s so special about the IMU Tokens?

The decentralized music industry

With an easy-to-use and friendly interface, the imusify platform provides an all-in-one solution for every musician, fan, and label. With no need of any intermediary — as seen in the case of the traditional streaming platforms of files sharing providers — imusify reinvents music consumption and sharing in the blockchain era, letting artists manage their own revenues or royalty payments. Similarly, to inject new forms of revenues, fans or musicians are incentivized to take actions on the system, such as curating music content.

The smart music economy encourages both music creators and listeners to interconnect and share information of value — and creates new forms of compensation that can be way more important than solely streaming itself (for example, the traditional low pay of $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream to the holder of music rights on the streaming giant Spotify).

The scalable growth of IMU Tokens

IMU Tokens serve various functions on the platform. When someone creates a playlist, curates music content, vote for songs, or simply listen to music, they receive IMU Tokens into their wallets. To say it short, every type of known activity linked to digital music creation and management is compensated on the platform, while royalties collection and copyrights are tracked efficiently thanks to smart contracts issuance. So anytime the song of an artist is played on a third-party — TV, film, radio — artists can receive IMU Tokens into their digital wallet as imusify enables proper royalties tracking and management.

Since IMU Tokens serve multiple utilities on the platform, the Tokens are likely to be in high demand as soon as imusify reaches mass adoption. IMU can be converted to most crypto exchanges including NEO, BTC, ETH. With a limited supply of 1,000,000,000, the imusify cryptocurrency will become scarce in the future. We can further imagine that IMU Tokens will serve new functions once imusify introduces new features.

imusify creates real revenues for musicians compensated in IMU

Artists are not yet fully educated on blockchain and its huge advantageous economy. With the example of imusify, we can easily highlight what musicians can really earn on such an ecosystem. But for such a new system to succeed, two conditions are required:

  • The platform must provide a real-life product that serves millions of people and helps them solve real issues
  • The ecosystem must be rooted in a strong business plan with a solid cryptocurrency of high potential

So far, we can say that the imusify native cryptocurrency, IMU serves the two above.

As a means of payment within the ecosystem, the IMU Tokens even provide trust and transparency for artists and listeners. Furthermore, imusify users will be able to share music and receive the right rewards which have been missing until now, despite a USD 17 billion revenue growth of revenues in 2018.

For more information about imusify, please consult:
IMU token presale starts March 1

By: Angel Lebailly @angelbali | imusify


project is most interested and solid team background.

Thank you for your support.

The total supply of 1 Billion ϑ IMU tokens will be distributed in an effort to maintain the long-term value of imusify's platform and network, while taking into consideration the basic economic factors that can affect the viability of a utility token.


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