🎵 The land of smiles and its musical styles 🎵

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Thailand is not only the country of smiles, it's also a very musical country. So today I would like to show you what you can hear and see here.

Whether it's by passing through a street, going to a restaurant, during a tuk-tuk tour, during one of the many festivals, but also on film, on television through the "soap" that Thai people love or through the many musical programs.

Musical programs

You will obviously find in Thailand shows such as The Voice, but also shows that I hadn't seen anywhere else before. The best example is The Mask Singer (which is beginning to be exported) which combines both music and disguise, all the participants being much more than just masked.

TV series

Thailand is very prolific in series, especially since each episode will have a duration of 1H30 for the shortest at 2H or 2H30. There is something for everyone, action, romantic comedies taking place at all times, funny comedies to laugh one's head off, especially when they mix it with a second genre that we will not lie to each other they are just so good: horror and ghosts.

Folk musics

Extremely popular songs for warm sounds and lively rhythms, combined with the Thai language which gives a rather interesting result.

Pop Rock

Thailand is also Pop Rock with bands like The Musketeers formed in 2009.

Thaï Pop

As Japan has its Jpop, Korea its Kpop then Thailand has its Tpop. Just as acidulous as her sisters and focused on groups of girls. One of the most popular being the BNK48 whose title below is a hit.

Traditional musics

Each region of Thailand has its own traditional music style, one that I particularly like is that of Isan (ภาคอีสาน), northeastern region of Thailand. The use of Phin (Thai guitar) with its own form and sound and the dexterity of the musicians makes me contemplative.

The great nonsense

As mentioned above, if there is one genre where Thai people excel, it's on hilarious comedies. This gives cheerful and very catchy music for crazy movies.

As a bonus, to make your day as pleasant as possible if you haven't already done so.

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