I Made a Trap Beat in 30 Minutes for a Friend. Here is that beat.

in #music4 years ago

IMG_9122 3.jpg

Yesterday, a friend I hadn't seen in a little while texted me and asked me to make a beat for him to rap over. Despite loving hip hop, I don't really make it. Either way I gave it 30 minutes and here is what I made. It's as simple as that.


Hi iamevilradio,

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Thanks for this! Always kind of wild getting the Curie vote.

An interesting and strange percussion musical work (xylophone?). I think your friend is not going to help you rap, but it does serve as an introduction of videos (sountrack) for a trip to the stars ... hahaha. Regards @iamevilradio

Thank for commenting. The percussion work was done with this great modular soft synth called Aalto by Madrona Labs. I love the weird sounds that can come out of it.

Nice work guys.

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