Dog Town (Ukulele Extra Cheese cover done Roxy Music style)

in #music3 years ago

Dog Town
We live in dog town
We throw the ball around
We get down on the floor and make growling sounds
We get to go outside
And then we go inside
And then a little later on we get to go outside
We like to chase the cat
We like to chase the ball
We like to run across the living room and down the hall
We like to smell things
We like to eat things
We like to get up on the furniture and dance and sing
We like to bark at sounds
We like to bark at sights
And we really really really like to bark at night
We like to go for walks
When the weather's nice
When the weather's hot, we don't wanna walk
We like to ride in the car and go new places
Smell new hands and like new faces
Ride in the car and go new places
Smell new butts and like new faces
Dog Town

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It's Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It's Whether You Get Up

I get knocked down. I get up up again, you're never gonna keep me down

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