Happy Relaxing Music For The Start Of The Day

in music •  6 months ago

Music for the morning is chosen for different reasons by different people, some to help wake up slowly. Some people need a loud rock song to get them springing into action.
In the morning I like a thin tinny sound, later in the day I want a really rounded sound with plenty of bass.

When we made this video we toyed with a range of image types and eventually settled on water creatures to help with relaxation while listening.
We thing the sound of flute goes well with water creatures. I say creatures as some are not images of fish.
The images by the way are from Pixabay. I use Pixabay more and more for images rather than the ones I have bought. I can't take enough of a varied type of image to only use my own images.

What really matters is what you think. Let me know either way what you think.

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