Gentle Relaxing Music That is Happy and calming. Featuring The Sound Of The Oboe (original music)steemCreated with Sketch.

in music •  7 months ago

Relaxing music comes in many sounds and styles. This music features the sound of the Oboe in a happy relaxed style.

The images used are of furry animals. I thought these were cute and matched the mood of the happy music.
This music video is the short version at just over seven minutes long. Youtube has a longer version that is 94 minutes long. The longer versions are more suitable for sleeping or studying.

I hope you like the music. It would be great if you could leave comments on your feelings about it.

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Thanks for sharing your compositions!

If you are interested, there is a classical music community at the tag #classical-music and the discord below! Hope to see you there!

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Thanks very much, I will have a look at all of your suggestions. Thanks again for your support.