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in this episode: TRYING TO MAKE BETTER MUSIC THAN JIMI HENDRIX! is it egotistical, delusional? OR, is this the best way to think about it?

basically, is it good motivation to try and out-do the greatest artists of all time? or does it lead to stress and distraction? we're going to explore it using the socratic method, yea i said it -- read on for wisdom.

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art from my second album, stellar wave

st rochs - 17:30

the first hour of service at the oyster restaurant is dead. theres nothing to do but wait for some reservations to come thru around 19:00. we know it’ll be busy, but for now we wait.

the speakers blast jimi hendrix all across the dining hall.

i’m behind the oyster bar. alex is there too, part of the back of house staff, shucking oysters for roasting and frying during dinner rush later. shucking is an endless, thankless job.

nowadays i am learning to stay entertained during these slow shifts. the key is conversation.

A Dialogue On Trying to Be Better Than Jimi Hendrix

me: when you write a song, are you trying to write as good as hendrix did?

alex: eh, i mean, what?

me: better than hendrix, not even “as good as.” do you ty to outdo hendrix, or zeppelin, or whatever*, to write the best song ever written?

*note: I work with rock nerds, otherwise I’d be pulling some other references i.e. coltrane, tupac, mofuckin mozart, whatever

alex: [laughs] no, i don’t feel like i am trying to outdo hendrix.

me: i’m always trying to. every time i sit down to work on music, my goal is to create the best music of all time. to contribute a truly great song to the canon of humanity. why not? what is there to lose?

alex: that’s wild man. it sounds like a lot of pressure.

me: what do you think about when you are working on music?

alex: i don’t know, that’s a good question. hm… i think i’m thinking about some of the bands i like, then coming up with song ideas that sound like that. so if i was thinking about hendrix, i might be trying to write a riff like that. it’s chill.

me: so for you, it’s more about taking inspiration from the greats. not competing with them

alex: yeah man! thats what its all about.

me: i still think its possible to write stuff as good, or as different/ground-breaking, as the ‘greats did. they were just people too.

alex: there’s a lot of other factors in it too. money, sex appeal, connections.

me: new opportunities exist now with the internet. don’t you think that people can find an audience later in life now, and relying less on sex appeal or stuff like that?

alex: it’s possible.

me: there’s philosophers selling out thousands of seats for lectures now. wild shit! i think i’ll write my best music and achieve my greatest success when i’m like 57, way late. it’s important for me to have that perspective so i can be patient and enjoy the creative process.

alex: it sounds possible, but you can’t control it. if you plant a vegetable, it will grow. but if you write a song, people may or may not listen.

me: truth. thats why the main thing is enjoying the journey. for me, that journey is to try to create the best music of all time. it works for me, even if it goes nowhere.

alex: cheers to that.

(end of convo)

maybe not everybody is inspired by comparing themselves to the greatest artists of all time. But I am!

the restaurant picks up some diners and soon i’m juggling all manner of ice buckets and bus bins. the music moves on from jimi hendrix to something less inspiring.

later that evening, back at my house / flux HQ, i’m practicing bass parts for my new album. i try to play them better than anyone’s ever done it.


What I’m Listening To Today: Alex G - Gretel this song is amazing

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