Black Metal gig - Mgła

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Hello everybody, I'm posting this time again about a gig that I attended last Thursday, almost a full week ago. The band I was eager to see live are Mgła and when I saw in the social media about the stop in their tour at my hometown, I just knew I couldn't miss them. 

The original date of their appearance over here was first set for September (as seen on the ticket above), but a day before that day they had a mechanical problem of some sort in their tour bus and they couldn't resolve it in time in order to be here for that set date. So they had to reschedule their appearance over here at a later available time, since the rest of the tour had to continue as set in the first place. A few days later the organizers announced the new date and I was patiently waiting for it, since I didn't particularly mind the change of the date. Also the support bands weren't the same as the ones that were originally announced, which again was not a big deal to me.

So the 14th November finally arrived and it was the night I was waiting for. That day was atmospheric because there was heavy weather too, as I was driving to the live club there was heavy rain pouring down and thunders which made me think that that's the way to go when going to attend a black metal gig :) Heavy rain means driving slower and by the time I arrived to the club, the first support artist was already on the stage and walking in I met with a friend as well. I didn't know either of the two support names, but I had checked their music at home to get an idea of what we were going to listen to.

There was just one person on the stage playing an acoustic guitar and the atmosphere he built was the kind of mysticism needed to set the dark ambiance all over the place. The project is called The Dead Creed.

Moving on, the next band to climb the stage were Diablery. They're a full band and the music got heavier and typical of a black metal band. 

I recorded the above video and when at home I contacted the band via social media to tell them that their appearance was really good and also to ask them about the title name of the track recorded so I could add it to the title.

And finally, the time of headliners Mgła to start their set had come, we just couldn't wait any longer. So I captured the opening of their set. The following song belongs to their previous album released and it's that album I got in contact with them, a truly brilliant album.


And the journey began and it was great. The following song belongs to the latest album they've released this year.

I could have recorded more songs, but I can't hold my phone so much, it kinda spoils the joy of being present at a gig I really want to be in.

Mgła had come over to Athens 2 years ago (2017) for the first time I believe but I hadn't attended that gig, this is why I wouldn't miss them again. You can read if you want an older post of mine about my music collection, I'm presenting various albums, if you scroll down to the 14th album presented there, you'll see a few words.

Kind regards for checking this post out, please leave me a comment if you want and share/resteem it if you liked it, share the music. Cheers!


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