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in music •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hi friends, I'm available this coming month for online music production & sound design tutorials in Ableton Live (Live10 is coming out this week!! :D).

Or if you're not an Ableton user we can focus entirely on synthesis with the plugins of your choice (Serum, Zebra, Razor, Reaktor, Massive, Thorn, Diversion, Omnisphere, you name it).

I'm also planning to be touring the USA from mid-March through to April, so if you'd like to book a workshop or a show, please get in touch.

One-one tutorial Sessions can be booked direct via Calendly:

For DJ bookings in the USA contact: [email protected]

For mastering or other enquires contact: [email protected]

Have a great day! x

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Loving the video man!

oh dope! you're on Street Ritual now!? exciting :-)

Awesome man, always sick to see other producers coming up on Steemit. I co-run a Discord server for Steemit musicians and producers - feel free to drop in anytime.

Appreciate all the work that you put into the craft and helping to teach others. Ill be in touch when mastering time comes. Also lets talk about your tour dates, would be nice to see you on the East coast somewhere ;-)

Best of luck and welcome to steemit :)

Good to know this is available! Thanks!

Cool vid, man. Playing with launchpad and ableton all weekend. Snowing here in Colorado.

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