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Winter is practically at my door. After a few scant weeks of cool and damp weather, we have received several hard frosts. All traces of autumn are gone, and my elms, walnut trees, and fruit trees reach with bare, dark fingers toward the cloudy sky.


I have spent more time composing and improvising short tunes. As the weather has turned cold, it has become less appealing to continue playing music outside... but as we have been pruning, trimming, removing, and transplanting trees around our property, we have had more bonfires. It’s become a more common occurrence to have hotdogs, s’mores, and some music around the last firey vestiges of our days’ work while stars sparkle overhead. It’s a satisfying time, and my husband and I are both excited about our growing orchard.


I have also begun sketching again, my tinwhistles accompanied by my colored pencil and graphite kit, and it’s exciting in its own way. I’ve had some interesting, prophetic dreams that found their way onto paper, and I have enjoyed sketching my visions during Intercessory prayer meetings. My traveler’s notebook is quickly becoming small. More and more people are approaching with prayer requests, and I am overjoyed to see the fruit of that even if it means I may have to go back to a spiral-bound notebook or hardbound sketchbook instead of my stylish TN. 😛


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