Introducing a New Era of Drum Samples

in music •  last year

Hey Steemians!

I @Hashbrown along with the homie @Cluff just made a drum sample pack called Drums From Scratch and we're excited to share it here! We are both hiphop producers as well as audio engineers and I happen to be part owner of a recording studio as well as the proud owner of a sexy Ludwig Custom Maple drum kit.

Aaaand 1+1= 2

After pondering how nice it would be to have samples as crisp as my drums we realized that we had to be the change we wanted to see in the world and Drums From Scratch was born!

So we took each of the elements from my kit (and some percussion instruments I had laying around) and mic'd them with a large diaphragm condenser running through two analog compressors and got some clean sounds that were so nice we almost didn't want to share them haha..!

The Sounds

The final result is 76 samples we're quite proud of including: 5 kick drums, 10 snares, 9 hi-hats, 7 toms, 4 claps, 3 snare claps and more!

Check It Out!

If you're interested in hearing some of the sounds leave a comment and we'll send you some sample sounds to play with!!

We're selling the kit for $10 at our site or you can:
Buy Now


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Could quite happily listen to a kick drum all day...


haha yeee! definitely spent days listening to kick drums at this point haha

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Nice, must be a lot of fun owning a studio