My Funny Valentine - Solo Jazz Guitar

in music •  3 months ago 

Learning simple songs and using chord melody, one can approach jazz guitar with ease. Once you learn the II-V-I progressions in minor, major, and harmonic minor, you are ready to take on just about any jazz standard.

Today we would like to show you an example of very popular tune "My Funny Valentine" in a simple version with chords, melody, and some chord variations. Chuck Corbisiero was kind enough to video this for us and we posted it to the GuitarLots YouTube Channel.

Chuck and I are planning to upload a series of jazz standards on GuitarLots so any guitar player who is interested in learning some jazz standards we will keep posting them to Steemit.

Enjoy the art of jazz guitar and please come back soon for more interesting guitar videos.

My Funny Valentine - Performed by Chuck Corbisiero

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Hi guitarlots,

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Thank you @curie Chuck and I plan to make some great content for Steemit and we are working hard right now on new instructional videos

Congratulations @guitarlots!
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@arcange ... wow we are very excited about that here at GuitarLots

Glad to participate in your excitement, @guitarlots

BTW, feel free to vote for me as a witness if you like my work at promoting your posts.

Oh Jazz, whenever I hear this word, the movie LA LA LAND comes into my mind, have you seen it? The actor was a jazz frenzy and wanted to make it popular in the times when it is not.

But coming to reality, I like what you playing here, I would like to sit by and play it, when I am in happy fun mood.

congrats on your curie mate, well deserved :)):):)

@vibesforlife Jazz is so cool, thank you for the great comment, now I want to see the movie

Oh yes go for it. :)

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hi @guitarlots
congratulations, the music is beautiful !!

Thank you so much more on the way @road2horizon

Jazz is very nice to listen to when you're in the mood for it. However, this song is a bit sad in my opinion, even though it's called My Funny Valentine. I could let my imagination fly and think of a reason why it is as it is. You play the guitar very well, so congratulations.


Hello, @guitarlots. Very nice rendition of the beautiful old standard. I studied jazz guitar many years ago, but it was too difficult for me. My blog is right about jazz, so just in case you want to have a look at it, you are very welcome:

Have agreat day!