Fuzzle's Puzzle - Jazzy Blues Guitar

in #musiclast year

This new track has all the cool guitar licks for jazz, blues, and rock. I call it "Fuzzle's Puzzle" because it took me a long time to come up with an interesting guitar solo, kind of like putting a puzzle together.

At first the pieces are all scattered about, and one by one you start building the puzzle. Each piece like a note for a song connects to the next phrase, and the next motif, and pretty soon you can start to see a picture, or hear an idea.

This is how I came to name this new song, because when I was done and could step back and hear the whole idea with all the parts put together ... "Fuzzle's Puzzle" was complete. I hope you enjoy the new original guitar solo for this very interesting idea. All the best ... Lawson :-)

Fuzzle's Puzzle - Jazzy Blues Guitar Solo


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