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Good morning! And what better way to start a Sunday than with music.
Like most Sundays where work we do concerts at noon ... food, music, friends, family and those who work clear :)
We really got together and it's a celebration moment and a good way to say goodbye to the week.
I leave you with OLDFASHIONEDS and its powerful Reggae.
The concept of the band is to pay tribute to some of the great classics of Jamaican music, focusing mainly on trio vocal groupings such as The Pioneers, The Melodians, Toots and The Maytals, etc.
Greetings and good Sunday.

Buenos días por la mañana! Y que mejor forma que empezar un domingo que con música.
Como la mayoría de domingos donde trabajo hacemos conciertos al mediodía ... comida, música, amigos, familia y los que trabajamos claro :)
Realmente nos juntamos todos y es un momento de celebración y una buena manera de despedir la semana.
Os dejo con OLDFASHIONEDS y su potente Reggae.
El concepto de la banda es rendir tributo a algunos de los grandes clásicos de la música jamaicana, enfocándose principalmente en las agrupaciones de tipo trio vocal como The Pioneers, The Melodians, Toots and The Maytals, etc.
Saludos y buen domingo.

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This looks like it was so much fun! Crowd engaging, great song. Love it!



The truth is that Sundays is a big party and quite funny ... Thanks for the resteemed
a greeting