[MUSIC] XXXTENTACION - looking for a star (CANT GET YOU OUT MY HEAD) / garette's REVENGE [Diskonekted music blog]

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I had an extensive 8+ hour "scouting" session for music yesterday. I love to explore new music and It's been a few months since I did it last time. I ended the day, not going trough all that I wanted. I'm going to continue today.

There's a LOT of really good sounds out there and I'm going to share some of the finds with y'all.

For this post I'd like to share the song that probably stood out the most, from literally 100s of tracks. No surprise this song is approaching its 9th million play on Soundcloud. Produced by "the mad scientist" Diplo. I generally like to share some of the more obscure artists out there, but I really liked this one and hope you will too.

I'm just getting started (From the description on Soundcloud)

As you may or may not know I am looking for good quality music that is free to download... There was another great find on the very same page:

I've dug two graves for us my dear, cant pretend that I was perfect, leaving you in fear, oh man, what a world the things I hear..
If i could act on my revenge, than oh would I..
some kill, some steal, some break your heart, and you had thought that I would let it go and let you walk,
well broken hearts break bones, so break up fast, and I dont wanna let it go, so in my grave i'll rot (repeat)
I love you garette
rest in peace, jocelyn, I will have my revenge upon the world
written and produced by Jahseh Onfroy, "xxxtentacion"
(Song's description on Soundcloud)

No doubt these two songs stand out, and I have confidence that more great sounds will be published on this fine artist's Soundcloud page.

Check XXXTENTACION out here:


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If you are a musician and you make good music and you share it with the rest of us for free, please get in touch. I'd love to listen to what you have. :)

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Thank you cheetah. Robots are all right. ;)

Xxxtentacion 😍😍


Any thoughts? I'll share the playlists I made soon. But If you are interested they are already published on my Soundcloud. There's a shit ton of sick music there.


I can appreciate it but honestly, I super into jazz and guitar driven melodies. This is dope but got anything similar?


I'm only interested in music that is free to download. But If you have any good tittles I'm all ears. Genre doesn't even matter. Maybe you may like some of these: http://www.diskonektedmusic.com/category/tracks-music/tag/rock/