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Like I already wrote in the last post, I had an extensive 8+ hour "scouting" session for music recently. I love to explore new music and It's been a few months since I did it last time. I'm very pleased with my findings...

Here's a few picks of the better looking sounding from the basket.

At this point I feel words are pointles, I'd rather give space to the music, I hope you'll enjoy the tunes!

Wolf Saga is an outstanding Canadian artist, who never ceases to amaze me. He's definitely on my short list of artist to check out and keep on following.

L.A. Based - Poolside is another artist I tend to gravitate towards, time and time again.

This is a new find for me, Furino got me going with the old school vibe and great lyrics.

Next up I'd like to mention the FatCat Records Demo page. Great source of alternative and rock music.

Sieren is an artist definitely deserving a follow. Every time I hear something new I get amazed at the creativity and atmospheres in this guy's creations.

Eliran Ben Ishai's "I Always Look Back When I Leave" is about 3 years old. But it's new to me and it's quite an outstanding piece.

Pretty much every content maker knows No Copyright Sounds by now. Nevertheless I want to share this piece.

So that's it from me. I still haven't shared any of my sounds here. But it's not like anyone cares. Very few people even see these posts. And it's a shame because there artists usually deserve much more than they get. Anyhow my sounds are already online on Sondcloud and on my web pages. Soon they'll also be on the blockchain...

Please comment, resteem and of course upvote if you like what you hear. If you think this is lazy content, think again. It took me about 8 hours to find these gems. I take music discovery rather serious. And while I primary do this for me, I think keeping them for myself would be just selfish. And that is an attribute I don't care for.

If you are a musician, producer or whatever and you make good music, please let me know about it. And even If you are not a musician... I'm sure everyone has something to say. I find it rather depressing to see that robots are my best friends on Steemit. And don't get me wrong robots are great. But I miss some genuine interaction. I might talk more about this in the future. Let's see...

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Great picks Green. I'm actually adding four of them to my favorite playlist and following three good artists I didn't know about thanks to this post. Those eight hours are worth solid gold man, keep it going. And thanks so much for sharing.


Thanks bro.