Let's do a Reggae Music Collab on Steemit!

in music •  4 months ago

Let me share with you a snippet of the first reggae track I have ever made.

It's still a work in progress. I'd say 50% done.

Still have to work on a better arrangement.

My father is already recording an electric guitar solo for it in Barcelona.

But we need singers, and maybe more instruments.

Calling all musicians on @Steemit: let's collaborate!

I'm looking for talented Steemians who can sing and play instruments.

If you feel this track, and want to collaborate, leave a comment below with a link to your music.

You can record your instrument part (audio and video as well so we can create content with it as well) and send it to me. As long as you have access to a recording space and gear, you can do this anywhere in the world.

We can discuss ideas on the arrangement as well, and I am open to any suggestions. After all, it's my first attempt at composing a reggae tune.

Then my duty will be to put all recorded vocals and instruments together at my home studio in the Austrian Alps.

Without a doubt, this is shaping to be one of my most exciting projects of my life so far. I wish to show you the finished song very soon.

It goes without saying that all instruments were played / programmed by myself. No presets loops used.

I call it 'Destination Royale'. Although the final name is open for changes.

The Reward Sharing

It goes without saying that the sum of all posts related to this project will be shared between all the Steemians involved.

What do you think?

are you in?



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Oooh! How fun! I may have to dust off the old saxophone for this one! Also @Tonks has been working on her reggae strum with her ukulele... Hmmm....


OMG! @crowbarmama that's amazing indeed! Let's do this!. There's some songwriting to be done as well. I'm even more excited now. I can hear a sack instead of my lousy synth solo that you can hear on this snippet!!!. Oh and @Tonks ukulele for some chord action!!!


If you're down for it, let me know, so I can send you the whole track (still not the final arrangement of course) for you guys to record on top.



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Sounds great! We may not get to it until the weekend, but we'd love to try! We've done some harmonies on our recent vocals as well in case you need some singing. However we can contribute, we're happy to!

Hi man, i just tried play this and i just get a grey screen on Dtube and the other links dont work either, i will check back later see if its come back! Cheers :)


Yeah this sucks indeed. Dunno what happened @clubfungus

Thanks for the heads up


Cheers dude! Yeh iam liking this skanky kool warm swagger! Crisp beats, sounds mint and nice gear shots also! Great work man! :)

Que hermoso proyecto tienes, estimado amigo @greencross te deseo muchos éxitos y buenos deseos. Tienes una gran idea y demuestras talento en tu trabajo, además tienes un gran sueño que involucra el trabajo de muchos y eso es colaboración y trabajo en equipo. Estoy feliz por ti. Yo canto en la ducha, pero si te puedo ayudar haciendo propaganda a este articulo. También te puedo sugerir, hables con @heaterville en el grupo de Smart Media Group ellos hacen música y he visto algunos cantantes que publican que tienen muy buena voz.
Un gran abrazo y buena vibra.