Massive flaming sky sunset and upcoming music releases by Greencross

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This sunset was so surreal, I thought it would only be fair to share it with you. Shot it with a Nikon D3100 DSLR.

Almost as crazy as the bull run we are living right now!.

Please take care of your investments my friends.

And what about BTC? 50.005 USD for one Bitcoin?.

Who could have ever believed this all would happen while all this stupidity is still being carried forward after almost 12 months by the governments around the world?

In other order of more important things (at least for me), I’m very happy so far with the music releases that are to hit the stores in the following weeks.


Right now you can OWN the music from my latest EP “Deep See Dark Mind” as an NFT on Rarible.

I minted the two tracks from my latest EP, therefore whoever buys them becomes the OWNER of the masters. This means that the owner has all rights over the music and will receive all royalties collected from sales of said music on legacy platforms like Spotify, iTunes or Beatport. besides all the benefits of owning a master recording.

If you would like to support me with a regular download or just by listening to the tracks, you can do it from Beatport or Bandcamp (full previews).


Next up, on the first week of March, “Quantum Self” will be released. It’s an EP that includes three original tracks by yours truly, plus a remix by all-time techno hero, Alexander Kowalski.

Listen & PRE-ORDER: Quantum Self on Beatport NOW.


And for early April, “Collusion 33”, a collaboration with one of the producers I have highest respect for, Ken Ishii.


You can listen to two of the tracks included in “Collusion 33” by playing my latest set for Kiss.FM Australia which aired today as well.

A thing worth mentioning is that besides the Kiss FM flyer, all the artwork on this post was created by myself.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to your comments!.

Have a great day!


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