'The Battle of Draykh-Nahka' - New Original Music - Submission for Splinterland's Music/Lore Contest! Orchestral/Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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Here's my submission for

this week's Splinterland's Music/Lore Contest! It was inspired by Neb Semi's lore, and his new home after arriving from his distant place of birth. I don't know if there has been a battle there, but the name sounds like a good place for one, lol, so the title stays! This song was going to be something on a solo piano in 7/4 originally, but as I was writing, it wound feeling like a bar of 6 and a bar 8 (14 beats total, so 2 bars of 7/4), so I just rolled with that.

Listen to The Battle of Draykh-Nahka here.

Track 1 is the piano

which is a little melody line in the 'right hand', and some chords in the 'left'. The melody ascends and descends over the course of 2 sections (2 sets of 14 beats), while the chords repeat every 1 section: we begin on Bminor (our tonic), then to a nice dissonance on Abmajor, then Gmaj, before two more super dark and dissonant chords, Dmin and F#min, then repeat. Tracks 2 and 3 are both strings from Spitfire Audio, with 2 playing the chords using a legato setting, while 3 using an arpeggiator with the staccato setting. They both use the same chords from the piano, in lower octaves.

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Track 1, piano, full progression (2 sets of 14 beats ea.)
Listen to The Battle of Draykh-Nahka here.

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Track 4, trumpet melody.

Track 4 uses an instrument

from Native Instruments, a muted trumpet. Originally, I didn't like this sound, but with the full song finished, and the melody edited a bit, it has really grown on me and works nicely towards the end of the tune. Track 5 is the timpanis, which work nicely with our other two percussion tracks: Track 7, using samples from a guzheng for some shakers/hihats/random hits, and Track 9, actual kicks and snares from an electric kit. Track 6 is the tubular bells, which just accent the 1st beat of each chord change, and finally, Track 8, a heavy 808-ish kick to accent the beginning of each section.

I hope you dig this week's submission! Thanks for listening, and make sure to check out the other contestants here!

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